Arts Service Connect Quick Start (Part 1)

Service Connect Quick Start

Lets Begin! 

  1. Create Vantage trace, changes only, identify services needed, import into Service Connect on SC server
  2. Add Web Services to IIS.  Log into SC server console, run WS-Config (e.g. F:\Epicor\WebServices)
  3. Add Service Reference to SC Admin Console Ex:
    (e.g. http://localhost/VantageServices/PartOnHandWhseServices.asmx)
  4. Create input file. (Decide on what format you want to use.  I prefer XML)
  5. Create Input Channel directory
  6. Create Message Type
  7. Create Sender, sub-sender
  8. Repeat 4-7 for your output channel.   You’ll want to know what happens at the end of your workflow.  You might as well configure it if needed since you are in channels.  (If you’re more advanced this may not be necessary.  You can also attach web services, or even imported dll’s to perform some of these actions.)
  9. Create Workflow Package
  10. Create Workflow Template (save with desired name, ignore warning now, needed to create message map. *This is only necessary if you already have a workflow created.)
  11. Create Message Map (Unique to workflow.  This can be performed later after you build your workflow.)
  12. Create Input Channel, ignore DefaultNamespace configuration, it’s not needed
  13. Open Workflow, create schema from input file, review schema for correct data types, or generate a schema from an existing file.  Data type changes can be made by using functoids.
  14. Save your schema as a friendly name you will remember for later use.  I prefer using the format (name-datecreated-my initials)
  15. Import schema into Service Connect
  16. Develop Workflow.


Additional Notes

 When designing your workflows ensure you pay close attention to what type of web methods you are using for accessing web services.  You will see a request and a response.

When starting your work flow “right-click” in the empty space and choose “process properties”.  From here you want to go to your “Message Extensions” tab and right click in the white area and choose add container.  This is where you can allow for you original data to be stored into you workflow as it passes through.  Also I put the field in my original inputs that may need to be processed throughout the workflow.

Want to download this for later use?  No problem, listed below is the pdf version of this blog quick start guide. 

Arts Service Connect Quick Start


About Art Hicks

I am Business Owner/Applications Engineer that specializes in providing rich solutions to my clients and colleagues.
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