Defining the True Colors of your Website

True Colors

True colors can be defined as the reflection of one’s self or desired identity. Website design is sometimes not taken as serious as it should on today’s cyber highway. Your web presence can speak a lot for what you or what your company does, and echo the message of your product/service barnd. Listed below is a focus exercise I use when dealing with new or existing clients. It helps them think about some of the things that may not cross their mind when dealing with their web identity.
Establish Identity

  • What type of people/person are you?
  • What are your morals as a person/company?

Market and Industry Focus

  • What is the industry/demographic do you plan to penetrate?
  • What is their primary focus/interests and how is it an advantage point to pursue this avenue?
  • What edge do you have on the competition?
  • What is the number one reason why you should choose “Your Company” as a Vendor for my company?

Establish Look And Feel

  • What are the true colors that express what the company stands for?
    • White: Pure. Clean. Youthful. It’s a neutral color that can imply purity in fashion and sterilization in the medical profession.
    • Black: Power. Elegant. Secretive. The color black can target your high-end market or be used in youth marketing to add mystery to your image.
    • Red: Passion. Excitement. Danger. Red is the color of attention, causing the blood pressure and heart rate to rise. Use red to inject excitement into your brand.
    • Orange: Vibrant. Energy. Play. Add some fun to your company if you want to create a playful environment for your customers.
    • Yellow: Happy. Warm. Alert. Yellow can be an attractor for your business with a relaxed feeling.
    • Green: Natural. Healthy. Plentiful. To create a calming effect or growth image choose green. Go green go.
    • Purple: Royalty. Wise. Celebration. Maybe add some purple tones to your look for your premium service business.
    • Blue: Loyal. Peaceful. Trustworthy. Blue is the most popular and neutral color on a global scale. A safe choice for a business building customer loyalty.

Content Layout

  • How do I want to focus key components of the site to others?
    • Site’s read in a “F” Pattern.  It is key to have information to present  in this pathway

Evaluation of consistency in Identity

  • Does the Site Design Match the characteristics specified from the initial Q&A?

Deployment Plan

  • Final Validation of Site Functionality
  • Spelling and Grammar scan’s committed
  • Marketing Collateral to support site launch
  • Site launch
  • Monthly updates to the site to ensure company change and growth.
  • Extended marketing communications to allow the public to be aware of your company growth and dynamics.

About Art Hicks

I am Business Owner/Applications Engineer that specializes in providing rich solutions to my clients and colleagues.
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