Finding your Digital Identity

Identifying the Digital You

The time has come where it is difficult to be heard.  We have recognized that it is a necessity to hear your message as a business/company. If don’t already know about those little blocks you are starting to see all over the place, they are known as QR code. (Quick Response)
QR Codes are not new fad; they have been around since 1994 Toyota developed this two-dimensional code as a way to share information with their products rapidly.  The QR code is one of the most popular types of two-dimensional barcodes. The QR code was created to allow its contents to
be decoded at high speeds.

The QR code  have been recently  to date been used to stare information such as URL to magazines, business cards, buildings, sign’s and many more physical mediums.  It has
become a way to attract the physical world to the digital world.

Developers  have crated applications that have allowed individuals with smart devices to interact with these codes and consume the information these simple images have
to hold.

As a marketing  initiative it is very wise to implement this technology sparsely within your marketing campaigns, for over consumption could be considered as spam.

If you are looking for a quick easy way of generating these images to use within your AD campaigns, here  is a site where you can generate as many links as you want for free.

Get Your QR Code


About Art Hicks

I am Business Owner/Applications Engineer that specializes in providing rich solutions to my clients and colleagues.
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