WCF JSON Date Format to Javascript Nightmare

I wanted to share this little snippet that has saved my life many of time.  Those of you that run into this will appreciate this short line of javascript code that will make your dreams come true.

I am using the JQuery library for the service call, then handling the results with a little magic.

*Not your can handle the formatting on your service side, but If you don’t have access to the service this is an alternative method to accomplish the job.

Code Begin:


url: yourservicesaddress.svc/test,

data: {testid: _mytestid}//variables



var sdate = new Date(parseInt(result.mydatefield.substr(6)))
var formattedsdate = sdate.getFullYear() + “-” + (“0” + (sdate.getMonth() + 1)).slice(-2) + “-” + (“0” + sdate.getDate()).slice(-2);

//Then here you can use formatted date in a HTML 5 Date formatted text box.  Pretty //simple.



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About Art Hicks

I am Business Owner/Applications Engineer that specializes in providing rich solutions to my clients and colleagues.
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